Mavlink gimbal or gimbal parts for purchase in Europe?

Hi All,

We are developing a sensor (about 200g) to be mounted on a yaw-pitch gimbal on a multicopter. We would like to manually control the gimbal direction from software from mavlink (via arducopter). We would be happy to build our own gimbal from a set of motors, encoders and PCBs. Ideally the system would be at least somewhat open so we can refine whatever we purchase to suit our needs better.

As we are at a German university and our purchasing department finds it much easier (i.e. nearly impossible otherwise), I would like to find such a gimbal or such parts for sale from a vendor within the EU. Can anyone point me to an appropriate vendor or source of relevant information? We are quite new to all this, so it is entirely possible we are missing a good vendor.

Thanks in advance!

This is a UK-based vendor for a lot of multicopter components, so I don’t know if it works for you. Sharing anyways.


Thanks, both, I will check these vendors! would be based in Germany has hardware to build your own gimbals and is also based in europe.