Mavlink does not work on Rpi Zero


I’m trying to establish a mavlink connexion between my rapsberry pi zero and my flight controller (F405-STD from mateksys). I want to make the physical connexion via an micro-USB to micro-USB cable.
My issue is that i think my RPi Zero doesn’t recognize my flight controller.
I do have make the following steps :
SERIALX_PROTOCOL] = 2. Set all the serial protocol to 2
[SERIALX_BAUD] = 57. Set all the serial baudrate to 57

When I’m checking which tty is up, I got this :

So, the only one that make no link 1 down with mavproxy is currently the ttyAMA0 but I could not load a parameter to test the mavlink connection :

I don’t get it, someone do have a solution ?



Try the lsusb command to see if the UART port shows up there.

The ttyAMA0 port is one of the built-in UARTs on the Pi’s GPIO header.

Make sure you can read serial data on selected device using minicom or screen

I made it sure by using Putty and checking that the serial connection are available on my Rpi Zero :slight_smile:

It makes me this :
What do you mean by “one of the built-in UARTs” ?

By the way, for the tty available, I got this :

I think you havent read what I wrote

You SSH with putty on the Zero and then you launch minicom to read Mavlink on the serial port where the FC is connected


I’m a bit confused how you’re connecting the flight controller to the Pi. Are you connecting the USB port of the flight controller to the USB port of the Pi? If so, it’s not being detected by the Pi.

Okay actually, the issue was that the usb connector on the Rpi wasn’t working, so I switch it to another one and it works now…
Thanks for your help