Mavlink data forwarding in mission planner

I am using mission planner 1.3.32 in windows 64bit OS, and on side of it, i want to run my application which demands mavlink messages as input.
In mission planner, on pressing Ctrl-F, we have the option of :
'mirrors the mavlink stream recieved by MP’
I tried forwarding the mavlink stream via COM port at 115200 baud rate to my application running on the same system.
( i wonder if two process can open the same port , Mission Planner for writing and my application for reading).
I experienced two issues :

  1. On redirecting mavlink stream to certain com port without starting my application to listen on that port, i found out that mission planner started to act very slowly.( data were getting published ( like roll,pitch,yaw etc) in a delay of 2-3 secs).
  2. My applications didnt able to open that port for reading.
    I tried the same thing with TCP (mission planner as a client or host), in both i got the same above mentioned problems.
    Please someone help me out in how can i redirect the mavlink stream from mission planner to my application.
    Currently i am using 2 receiver on my system to run both Mission planner as well as my application.
    Thanks and Regards
    Akash Dhamasia