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Mavlink data between UAV and PC with Mission Planner throught Ardutracker AT

(Luis Miguel González Fernández) #1

Hi everybody.

I’m thinking about making my own DIY antenna tracker using a pixhawk with ArduTracker firmware loaded.

My initial idea is to pair UAV and tracker using a 915Mhz SIK radio system and use another couple of 433MhZ SIK radios to link tracker to Mission Planner in my laptop.

And here is my main doubt. Is possible for Ardutracker to act also as a mavlink tranparent bridge between UAV and Mission Planner in my Laptop ? Will be mavlink data between UAV and Ground Station (MP) correctly forwarded (up and down) between the 2 SIK radio systems connected in the Ardutracker Pixhawk and at the same timewill the Ardutracker be able to get GPS data from UAV ?

I’ve been reading but i think i did not understand enough to sove my doubt.

Thanks in advance.

(Jack) #2

Yes, it is possible and it is working.

(Anthony) #3

Yes, it is working. However, whenever you start up your link, both are loaded in mission planner. So you always have to choose between your rover and the AT.

It’s far better to just let the AT do his thing and only connect to your rover. Once you have setup, tuned and made the AT working correctly, you really don’t need to pay attention to it any more.

(Luis Miguel González Fernández) #4

Thanks for you replies guys.
I will give a try to your approach Verloop.