Mavlink Common Msg Set incomplete !?!?


I thought I could try to implement the possibility to read&write the parameters of UAVCAN nodes via MissionPlanner, following
(Michael has kindly added such support to MissionPlanner already, see MissionPlanner capable of handling UAVCAN MAVLink messages?)

This involves the MAVLink messages UAVCAN_NODE_STATUS (#310) and UAVCAN_NODE_INFO (#311), which, according to, are members of the common msg set. I was thus assuming that I would find corresponding header files, which would allow me to e.g. emit them, like with all the other MAVLink messages.

However, they are NOT present in the build of yesterday’s master!

I also note:
i) these two messages are obviously in the common msg set since at least some months
ii) a PR named “mavlink: submodule update” is just 4 days old, however it’s common.xml is NOT consistent with the common.xml in the MAVLink git
iii) it appears that the common messages up to LOGGING_ACK (#268) are available, while those above are all NOT available

From (ii) I clearly would have expected that the common message set is up to date. I’m quite puzzled by the situation.

What’s going on, what am I missing?
How could I correct this quickly? (just pick common.xml from the mavlink git and replace, or just add the missing messages, or ??)

Thx, Olli

I am the author of that PR.

My sugestion … wait a bit until all is tested and merged, then start working on that.

If it takes to long, jump in and help me :slight_smile: