MavLink command on VTOL

Hello. I created a tiltrotor vtol simulation with mission planner. My mavlink commands made for the airplane in the simulation are working. However, I want to use drone mode of VTOL. And the mavlink commands written for the drone do not work for VTOL.

For example:

msg = master.mav.set_position_target_local_ned_encode(
time_boot_ms=0, # Time (milliseconds)
target_system=master.target_system, # Target system ID
target_component=master.target_component, # Target component ID
coordinate_frame=mavutil.mavlink.MAV_FRAME_LOCAL_NED, # Coordinate frame
type_mask=0b00001111111111000111, # Position and speed type mask
x=13, # X position (local NED coordinates)
y=20, # Y position (local NED coordinates)
z=40, # Z position (local NED coordinates)
vx=1.0, # X velocity (local NED coordinates)
vy=1.0, # Y velocity (local NED coordinates)
vz=25, # Z velocity (local NED coordinates)
afx=0, # X force (local NED coordinates)
afy=2, # Y force (local NED coordinates)
afz=3, # Z force (local NED coordinates)
yaw=4, # Yaw angle (radians)
yaw_rate=7 # Yaw speed (radians per second)

command works in drone simulations. But it does not work in vtol simulation.
Similar commands like MAV_CMD_CONDITION_YAW and MAV_CMD_CONDITION_CHANGE_ALT also do not work. Is there a parameter I need to change, is there a way to issue the command?

I tried to run all the code in GUIDED mode, but it is always MAV_RESULT = 3 (Command is not supported (unknown)).
I also set Q_GUIDED_MODE = 1 but nothing changed.
If you have any information, I would be grateful if you help.

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