MavlinK/8266 Software load difficilties


We are constructing a minimalist robot lawnmower. Hardware done, we are mowing via RC now. We are headed toward Ardurover/Pixhawk/RTK, with minimal Mission Planner interaction via WIFI, mainly for configuration.

I am STUMPED on the software chain to flash a ESP8266 and load MavLink.

I am Arduino-to-8266 literate.

I cannot get through the ESPTOOL-PYTHON-GIT-.bin-Command line… and so forth. MADDENING.

Am I missing something? Can I buy a ESP-01 already flashed? Would anyone here flash a few 8266-01s for a fee? Can i use the normal Arduino IDE to flash? Will MAVLINK “sketch” load onto a stock esp8266?

Maybe we should forget it and purchase a rf radio for the link?

Looking for some guidance .

TIA for patience with a newbee.


You can ask here , this channel totally for esp32

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve flashed many of those ESP-01 radios. most of my models have them. FTDI adapter and NodeMCU flasher is all you need.
Some useful hardware info:
Use the firmware from here:

Range is very short.

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