MAVFTP Working only with Copter firmware (not Plane)

I’m running the latest stable version of Mission Planner.

When I connect to the a Copter (running a recent master version) the parameters download is very fast due to the fact that it is using MAVFTP.

When I connect the a Plane (running a recent master version) , mission planner tries to download the parameters via MAVFTP but it fails (times out) and then switches back to legacy mode.

What’s wrong here?

We have exactly the same experience.
Only difference is I actually have to cancel MAVFTP while it is trying endlessly, otherwise it just say failed after a while.
If I cancel it, then it switched to legacy and download works fine.
Also I think I noticed that this happens when using (any) wireless option. On USB it works ok.

so it works on usb but fails over radio? do you have mavlink2 enabled on the radio link?

also what radio link is it? it could be a radio issue

Let me double check that quickly. I mean if the USB indeed work.
Yes, it is Mavlink2 on all the ports.
Also Link seems irrelevant. Have tried RFD900 aswell as Dragonlink (these are both 57k baud links).
I will check USB now.

Yeap, just verified again. USB works, MAVFTP almost instant parameter download. However wireless (no matter which device I try) will just run endlessly without and progress and then timeout.
We have Mavlink2 set on all serial comms.

This happens with only ArduPlane, ArduCopter works fine.

what telem radios? are you running

Hi, I already answered that. RFD900, aswell as Dragonlink.

what happens if you try mavlink1 over the rfd900?

I did not check Mavlink1

please check, just trying to determine if its a mavlink version issue, or if its a packet size/length issue

We go the same problem with LTE modem aswell.
I am so sorry, in the heat of the moment I forgot to check Mavlink1.
I promise I will do that next time.


Finally got around to testing this. Setting to Mavlink1 did not fix the problem.
As long as we use wireless connection (RFD, LTE, Dragonlink, etc.). We would always get infinite hand and timeout on MAVFTP when loading parameters.
If we hit “cancel” then it will switch to tradition download and work.
Again this only happens on Arduplane (latest master). Copter is somehow not affected.

after you have connected.

does mavftp work at all? ie for non param download but looking at the files on the sd card?

Appologies for getting back so late again. We have verified that we still have access to SD card via Mavftp even after such event. We can access the files and directories.
I really hope that helps you find the solution.

Did anyone find a solution to this issue?

Works fine for me with Plane Master on a Kakute F7. Parameters load in ~3s.

I’m using 4.0.8 with cube black. Have to cancel the param load over radio connection.

Does one have to enable it somehow from the parameters? I saw an option to disable it via board_options. Couldn’t find any option to enable it though.

Ah, over radio. Well anyway, It’s not in Stable (4.08 or 4.09) it’s in master.

Oh, OK. Was just watching the devconf videos and was keen to try it out. Will wait for stable 4.1.