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MAVFTP Setup Help?

Can someone please help with the setup of MAVFTP?

I have a Black Cube loaded with the ‘Latest’ Copter build and have the latest beta Mission Planner.
When connected using USB I get a screen ‘Checking for Param MAVFTP’ which I can only get past by clicking Cancel.

When selecting MAVFTP I just get this and can’t connect to the SD Card.

I can’t find any documentation or posts describing MAVFTP and ask for some help?

Upgraded to a Orange Cube and it works perfectly. Must have been an old incompatible Black Cube??Great enhancement!

depends alot on what you have enabled. ie if memory is low, it seems to not work

Sounds correct as when I put it on the bench with everything disconnected the MAVFTP worked. :anguished:

Hello, I am facing the same problem. I am still using Cubeblack, so how can I disable the MavFTP or configure that MP will not use it when the Cube is connected?


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