MAVFtp and firmware update problem

Hello guys, there are two interesting things. I have MAVFtp but it doesn’t work only on Rover 4.0.0 stable. If I put any 4.1.0 dev version I don’t see the APM folder on the sd card.
The second problem is that I can’t update the firmware only with Mission Planner 1.3.70. In newer versions, 1.3.71-72 I get this message: ERROR: No Response from board.
which is nice in the story, the MP 1.3.70 also updates without having to detach the Pixhawk. With MP 1.3.70 I can put any firmware, but in MP 1.3.71 or 72 I can’t see MAVFtp in the sd card APM folder.
Only I can accomplish this performance :slight_smile:
please help me

Hi, I read this topic today: Cannot upgrade bootloader cannot install rover 4.0
and I upgraded the MP to beta and now I can upgrade the firmware. Now the MP version 1.3.72 build 1.3.7493.17933 and the last my firmware ArduRover V4.1.0-dev(49314b2b)
MAVFtp doesn’t work, so I can’t see the sd card. The script on it is running
when i go now to Install Firmware i are one message: Bootloader Update.
I need to upgrade my bootloader?
My hardware is Pixhawk 2.4.8, it might be a copy, and I’m using Pixhawk 1 rover firmware.

Has your Pixhawk 2.4.8 board a 1M memory limit?

can you please try MP beta
goto the help screen and click beta update

hello, where can i see the parameter list?

Hello Michael,
i make the beta update, and the firmware update work good
only the apm folder not see with MAVFtp

depending on firmware you install, needs to be very new for mavftp to work

i understand but the latest firmware is not running the script and i can’t see the apm folder
i only use the rover 4.0.0 firmware then i can see the apm folder
but 4.0.0 fw does not run script and does not recognize rm3100
the important thing is that if the boat is on the water then i can change the script so i don’t take out the card

The last fw to run the script on july 6. The new fw doesn’t work script.
The APM folder is not visible now.

Hi all, I tried a lot of firmware, 2020 06 and 07.
The script works but i don’t see the AMP directory with MAVFtp.
What is the problem?

I still updated to the latest fw as Michael said, but the script is not running and i can’t see the APM folder.