MavExplore's MagFit - status of current release

I’ve used MavExplorer for several months - mostly for MagFit - but I like it’s other graphs as well.

I have a few questions - and I’m not sure where’s the best place for them. There’s a link to “discord” forum - but it doesn’t seem to be working for me.

My two basic questions are:

  1. What’s the status of support for MagFit. I have to use an old version (1.8.39) to get MagFit to work.

  2. What’s the status for supporting .BIN files for releases of ArduCopter firmware? I noticed that some of my older .BIN files aren’t processed.

After I get this sorted out, I’d like to explore MavProxy - but would like to get the communications channels for support sorted out first.

Many Thanks!

@jstroup1986, I was about to say you should create a post about this but you did it here a while ago!

Would you try the latest MAVExplorer version please and tell us what operating system it is?

And include the error output and description of the issue.

I can then ping the relevant person to help.