Mavelink and RTSP stream

Hi all.
is there any device that can be connected to my H16, Herelink, RFD868 or smart radio that can stream my UAV or UGV Mavlink and RTSP video from the camera to a remote computer for monitoring and controlling my UAV worldwide in a secure network??

many thanks in advance

Your question is a bit unclear. Herelink, H16 and Doodle Labs Smart Radio can transmit video and telemetry, RFD868 only telemetry. If you want to control your drone over network, why do you want to buy such expensive equipment, instead of using a mobile network connection directly on the vehicle?

Thank you dear for your reply.
the question is clear cause u excluded the mentioned smart radio. I mentioned RFD868 (for mavlink) and I mentioned smart radio as well. However, mobile network will not be able to let others see your camera RTSP stream and your mavlink and see the UxV using for example mission planner and control it from any where in the world. There should be a device containing some software to route the Mavelink and the RTSP stream in secure manner to any device in the world. This is required for most international projects and events to remotely monitor and control UxVs.

Also my dear I need a device to be used with any safety pilot using a remote control with mavlink and video streams such as the H16 and the Herelink to be used in the field. Such a device will be a plug and play to these remote controllers and not an onboard computer on the UxV, cause you will never be able to mount this onboard computer and integrate it for all types of UxVs.

This is the solution. One device, cheap, small size, plug-and-play, connect H16 and Herelink, and also RFD868 and any USB, Ethernet, or wifi-based device. Give you the ability to transmit your mavlink and video from your UxV to anyone in the world in a secure channel.

Great you found a solution which mentions the exact same buzzwords as your initial question! Such a coincidence!

I am here to help, not to take part in some marketing pitch for an overexpensive “device”.

So, initially, you do not have a solution for the problem and need and now you do not agree or discuss the found solution. Good approach. However, if you found a similar solution enable the pilot to stream video and UxV monitor and full control via mavlink from any where in the world in secure channel, kindly share it with others for the necessary need. We are here to help each other and to share new developments and solutions not to argue.

Thanks again for your comments.

You are right, I apologize and let you continue helping people.