MAV Link doesn't work

Hey guys outthere,

following problem: I’m building a new quad with an APM Mini and the whole great optional hardware. Everything is working great so far, besides the MAV link.
If i went to optional hardware, 3DR Radio and click on load settings, it got all the settings and seemed to be working great, but everytime I click on connect it doesnt connect and is timing out. I’m 100% sure that I’m using the right com port and baud 57600. I’ve uploaded/updated the firmware on both, RX and TX mav link radios. Both green LEDs are staying solid an both red LEDs are pulsing. So everything seems to be working fine, but it doesnt connect.
I’m really done and can’t get this working…

Regards and asking for help


I have the same problem. light is solid green, but connection times out.
Does anyone know what the connector is called? is it smaller than DF13.
Does anyone know where i can order a spare (perhaps with the correct pinout)?

I actually didnt use the connector. On my transmitter i have 6 pads, on each is written for what it’s for and i didn’t know the correct pinout on the connector so i soldered my cables directly onto that solder pads.

Allright mates! Just solved the problem with a really simply hack.
Figuering out what the problem is was relative straight forward, I knew its working with usb connected which means additional +5 Volts, without those, it’s not working. So there had to be any voltage drop, so it’s not arming because of the too low voltage. What I did to fix that: I simply took a cheap USB charging cable got me the connector out of it and connected it to the BEC of an ESC. You could also connect it to the Power Modules BEC or any other source of 5V. Than I plugged the connector in the USB port, powered everything up and now it’s working great.

I hope I could help you, regards Zomhad