MAV_CMD_SET_CAMERA_ZOOM command doesn't work

I use siyi A8 mini, connected to UCAV V5+ via UART4, I use Raspberry Pi to send MAVlink command to Autopilot.
I use MAV_CMD_DO_MOUNT_CONTROL command to control the gimbal, it works well, but MAV_CMD_SET_CAMERA_ZOOM does not work.
who can tell me why ? thank you !
my English is not very well

Hi @jyarmy,

The most common two reasons this may not work are:

  1. the A8 zoom doesn’t work if the camera is in 4K mode
  2. the CAM1_TRIGG_TYPE hasn’t been set to 3 (Mount, Siyi)

ok, let me try… …

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It works very well! Thank you !!
I set CAM1_TYPE to 4 (Mount, Siyi)

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