I am sending MAV_CMD_DO_CHANGE_HEADING, MAV_CMD_DO_CHANGE_SPEED, and MAV_CMD_DO_CHANGE_ALTITUDE commands to the ArduPlane v4.3.3 SIL. In the Console output, I am seeing “Got COMMAND_ACK: GUIDED_CHANGE_SPEED: UNSUPPORTED” and similar.

Are these commands not supported in SIL, or not supported at all? Or am I potentially sending something wrong?

I am currently encoding these messages in a COMMAND_LONG, do they need to be in a COMMAND_INT?

After updating all commands to instead be sent in COMMAND_INT instead of COMMAND_LONG, I now get that each is DENIED instead of UNSUPPORTED. I have gone through and attempted to check against all of the handle_command_int_guided_slew_commands outputs that return DENIED, but even working against that I cannot get any of the commands to be accepted.

Can you retest with the master branch? It supports both long and int

Hi - long story short I cannot, I’m stuck at 4.3.3. Looking at the code for that tag it appears that the commands are only supported in command_int’s, but even then I am getting DENIED for all of them. Are there other checks outside of the handle_command_int_guided_slew_commands that could be returning DENIED? I have not found any, but am trying to work out where exactly the error is getting thrown from.