MAUCH power system vs. SmartAP PDB

I am building a X6 drone with a MTOM of ~10 kg, 6x T-MOTOR MN501S 300KV, 6x ESC 40A, 6x propellers 20", with the Pixhawk 2.1 Orange Cube flight controller. Do you think it makes sense to invest 5 times more in the MAUCH system which includes:

  1. Power-Cube 4 V3 - 287.30$
  2. Sensor Hub X2 V2 - 38.57$
  3. PL-200A Sensor board - 2x 40.95$
  4. Vulcan PDB (400A) - 89€

or is it better to invest in a SmartAP power board that has all the features of the MAUCH kit and costs 90$?

It would be better to draw your system in a diagram in order to evaluate, it doesn’t seem to me that you’ll really need all these components… You can simplify it a little bit and save your money. I never heard about this SmartAP, but Mauch components are very reliable and your propulsion system will be an expensive one.

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I need a system that will be flexible, because I do not know yet whether I will be flying on 6s 1x16000mAh or 2x16000mAh (parallel) or 12s 2x16000mAh (in series) with 6000 series motors. So the above Mauch set offers the same as SmartAP, but 5 times cheaper, and the PDB is made in GB, not China.

In any of the cases above, this one should be enough for you:

I think it has all the functions you need and it has great quality.

Have you ever tried this Mauch PDB ?

It has switch there, i’m little bit skeptical with switch button for main power cable/

The switch doesnt carry all the current, it’s not in series with the battery supply. The switch enables high current MOSFETs

Incrementing @xfacta answer, MAUCH comes with a connector that can bypass this logical button, so I wouldn’t bother with it.

Are there any other power options or only MAUCH has a monopoly on the market for high voltage power supply?

There are some competitors, but I can’t tell my opinion since I never used components from other suppliers.

I ran against the same issues with High Current distribution.

I chose Mauch Power Cube and PL 200A current sensors, not for any other reason than it was difficult to find a solution.

It was a struggle to find PDB’s generally that could handle the load sufficiently required and I also have a specific requirement as the main line from the battery compartment to PDB is 6AWG.

The Powercube is great, however, I have to cut in the PL sensor which only goes to 8 AWG which is going to be painful as I need to solder 6AWG onto it and the wire thickness is problematic on such a small component.

That said I have also bought some SkydronePDB’s as a result of having looked for alternatives for so long and then having spoken to devs at the Commercial UAV Expo in Vegas which convinced me to buy.

This may negate all the issues I’m having trying to retrofit.

The construction looks great and is a very clean design overall. The profile of the board is small and functional and will easily meet demands for bigger HEXA’s 14S 60V

That said I’m knee-deep in solder trying to retrofit the Mauch Sensors to my frame because I already spent the money but if that doesn’t go to plan I’m swapping in the SkyDronesPDB. Still requires soldering the main power and esc’s but my view is this would be easier.

Had I known about Skydrones PDB I think I would have chosen this option I think as the current season is integrated into the PDB.

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