MAUCH power system vs. SmartAP PDB

I am building a X6 drone with a MTOM of ~10 kg, 6x T-MOTOR MN501S 300KV, 6x ESC 40A, 6x propellers 20", with the Pixhawk 2.1 Orange Cube flight controller. Do you think it makes sense to invest 5 times more in the MAUCH system which includes:

  1. Power-Cube 4 V3 - 287.30$
  2. Sensor Hub X2 V2 - 38.57$
  3. PL-200A Sensor board - 2x 40.95$
  4. Vulcan PDB (400A) - 89€

or is it better to invest in a SmartAP power board that has all the features of the MAUCH kit and costs 90$?

It would be better to draw your system in a diagram in order to evaluate, it doesn’t seem to me that you’ll really need all these components… You can simplify it a little bit and save your money. I never heard about this SmartAP, but Mauch components are very reliable and your propulsion system will be an expensive one.

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I need a system that will be flexible, because I do not know yet whether I will be flying on 6s 1x16000mAh or 2x16000mAh (parallel) or 12s 2x16000mAh (in series) with 6000 series motors. So the above Mauch set offers the same as SmartAP, but 5 times cheaper, and the PDB is made in GB, not China.

In any of the cases above, this one should be enough for you:

I think it has all the functions you need and it has great quality.

Have you ever tried this Mauch PDB ?

It has switch there, i’m little bit skeptical with switch button for main power cable/

The switch doesnt carry all the current, it’s not in series with the battery supply. The switch enables high current MOSFETs

Incrementing @xfacta answer, MAUCH comes with a connector that can bypass this logical button, so I wouldn’t bother with it.

Are there any other power options or only MAUCH has a monopoly on the market for high voltage power supply?

There are some competitors, but I can’t tell my opinion since I never used components from other suppliers.