Mauch Power Module Inquiry

Good Day,
I am currently looking to purchase 2 Mauch power modules, the sensor hub, as well as their UBEC in order to run 2 LiPo’s. My question is does anyone have a reputable dealer in the United States or one that ships to the United States? I’ve navigated to the “” webiste as indicated on the website however there is no contact info and looks to be a bit shady. I just want to be sure before I dish out a $100. Any insight on previous Mauch power module sensor purchases would be much appreciated. Thank you.

I cannot speak for but I purchased from IR-Lock plenty of times, and they have great support.

Christian Mauch does update his reseller list, so I have no reason to believe there are any issues with DroneToUs.

You can also purchase directly from the Mauch-electronic store. Christian ships world-wide.

Yes, IRLOCK looks like the store you need
(I’m not in USA nor have I bought from IRLOCK)

John from DroneToUs has been prompt on responding to any questions I send him. The contact info for them is at (link found by hovering over Support at the top of the landing page).

Thank you all! I decided to go with Irlock for no particular reason, I’m sure dronetous would be just as good. I was able to use the promo free shipping code with IRlock which should arrive in 2-3 days!