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Mauch Power cube use without current sensor

I have been using the Mauch Power Cube 2 V3 in an octa build, 12S config.
I am powering the Cube orange from the Power cube. However, I have not used the current sensors, I require just the voltage and so I assumed the Voltage pin should work just fine.
But none of the options available on mission planner are giving me the voltage reading.

Is it possible to use the power cube this way or do I need the current sensors to do the job?
Thank you

Try going into Mission Planner > Setup > Optional Hardware > Battery Monitor and setting it up.

When you do not do this the flight controller will not read the voltage and current inputs.

I did try setting it up in the battery monitor. I used Other and tried it, but I’m not sure why it’s not considering a voltage input. If I enter 50V the value remains almost the same during the whole flight. In some cases even showing a slight increase but not the right values.

Post some pictures that show how the power cube is connected to the Cube flight controller.

Here you go.
Power 1 with the voltage and current pins going to power 1 of the cube.

I don’t believe it’s possible to get a voltage reading without using a mauch sensor board. Nothing on their manual for the power cube indicates voltage measurement capability, only a passthrough for the reading from the sensor board. I’ve not used the one I have without the sensor board so I could be wrong but it’s usually not this difficult getting ardupilot to read mauch stuff correctly.

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