Mauch PL 4-14S 2x5.3V/1x12V bec for voltage reading only

hi greetings.
i am trying to use a Mauch PL 4-14S 2x5.3V/1x12V bec for powering electronics and to read voltage of the batteries. i am not using any current sensors( since its a hybrid drone).

only the power 1 and power 2 cable to the cube connected from the mauch bec. sensor port is empty

once i measure the voltage from multimeter and input to the mission planner. it changes over time. specially after powering off.

first of all is it possible to use the bec for read the only the voltage, if yes how to avoid the battery voltage change and get a good reading every time?
these are my current values.

Mauch serial number - 0560430024

thank in advance

Did you followed the mauch instructions to connect it to the flight controller?

If I remember correctly, you MUST connect:

  • mauch port 1 to the FC power2
  • mauch port 2 to the FC power1
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yes sir. its connected according to the manual.
i think voltage sensor is also situated in the current sensor module.

The voltage sensor is on the same PCB as the current sensor.

If you are not measuring current because it might be TOO massive for the sensor, you just need a small/short positive wire to the battery connector to measure voltage - current doesnt need to pass through the sensor. Ground, or 0volts still needs a good connection to the BEC or sensor Hub for the reference and powering the sensor board.

If you are measuring current but it MIGHT go a bit over the sensors range, then that is still OK - the actual Hall sensor device handles higher current (in short bursts) than what it can measure and report.
If that is the case, wire it all up as per the Mauch diagrams.

To measure the battery voltage without using a Muach PL sensor, you can just make your own voltage divider and connect to the Senor input on the Hub (where you have the red cross) to GND and U pins.
Select suitable resistor values for your battery voltage. The maximum input voltage is 3.3volts.


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thank you very much Mr. Shawn for the multiple solutions to my problem.

i have ordered the the PL 200A sensor. and will install it soon.
Iā€™m using a hobbywing x9 combo motor (hexacopter ) i think it could handle the current . since projected average consumption would be around 140-150 amps. ( total weight 60kg)

again thank you very much for the solutions.
much appreciated

I have used that combo on a big Quad. It works really well

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