Mauch PL 200 sesors - wrong current values


I have some trouble to get my Mauch current sensors working on an 18" X8 copter.
I have voltage info, but current data is a complete nonsense.

Hardware being used:

  • Pixhawk 2.1 orange (copter 4.1 dev)
  • 2x Mauch 003 PL-200 sensor
  • Mauch 010 PL sensor hub x2
  • Mauch 017 PL 4-6S BEC
  • two 6S batteries

I followed the instructions provided by Mauch carefully and installed the hardware accordingly and double checked:

  • current flow direction of sensors
  • wiring from sensors to sensor hub
  • wiring from hub to 017 BEC (BEC goes in Cube Power 1) Power 2 is powered by separate Mauch BEC.

I also triple checked all these infos from Mauch and ardupilot:

Settings in MP:
Batt monitor 1: analog voltage and current
Sensor: other
HW Ver: 8: Cube orange (I tried “4: The Cube or Pixhawk” as well)

The calibrated values provided by Mauch (Voltage divider 19,00372 and A/V 121,24822) are simply calculated by these steps:

“You can calculate the total setting for Batt1 monitor in MissionPlanner:
Voltage divider = (Voltage divider sensor 1 + Voltage divider sensor 2) / 2
Amp/ Volt = Amp/V Sensor 1 + Amp/V Sensor 2”

When I enter these values, the calced voltage jumps to 62V (instead of 23,6V) and the amp draw to a VERY REALISTIC 250A when the copter is sitting on the workbench being disarmed. Current draw should be realisticly about 1A max at the moment.

When I enter the measured voltage as well, calced batt voltage turns out to be correct, but the divider drops to about 7 (which is not the value of the calibration sheet).
Calced current is still showing 250A with the factory A/V value from around 121.

Can someone find a solution?
Thanks a lot!


I’m also facing the same problem, not able to get the calibration value for A/V. Voltage is showing accurate, but current is showing completely random.

I’ve used the recommended calibration value i.e.,
Voltage divider = (Voltage divider sensor 1 + Voltage divider sensor 2) / 2
Amp/ Volt = Amp/V Sensor 1 + Amp/V Sensor 2

Please update if got any solution for it.

Do you have a current sensor? Most Mauch modules support a peripheral current sensor but many do not have one built in.

If you do have the current sensor, your problem suggests a wiring issue (like a floating ground), not a calibration problem.


Yes, I do have a current sensor. I’m using PL-200. Wiring is exactly as shown in the below diagram.

Have you got a .bin log or parameter file, and the values Mauch provided?