Mauch - MP says No Voltage Divider Value is Valid?!

I have a PixHawk 2.1 and a Mauch PL series power module with hall-effect voltage/current sensor.

Per instructions, I try to enter the Voltage Divider and Amps/Volt values provided on a piece of paper with my Mauch. However Mission Planner squawks “invalid number entered” on ANYTHING I type into that “Voltage divider (Calced)” field. So no matter what I type in there, it has no effect on the voltage shown on my HUD (which is always 0.6V off from reality) because Mission Planner appears to be ignoring it when it says “invalid number entered” (that is, when I type a number and press tab nether “battery voltage calced” nor “measured battery voltage” change but I simply get this non-descriptive error).

Below shows my settings. The only way to make the HUD show a value remotely close to reality is to manually change “measured battery voltage” to the actual voltage I’m reading from the balance lead of the LiPo. But that goes against the instructions for the Mauch at Power Monitor/Module Configuration in Mission Planner — Copter documentation

Any thoughts?

I should mention before anyone asks about the “.” vs “,” decimal point, I’m in USA. I’ve also tried both “.” and “,” and neither made a difference.

Thank you for your help!

Enter it in the Full Parameter list.

Thanks, Dave. So I try inputting the voltage divider value provided on the calibration paper with my Mauch into the full parameter list “BATT_VOLT_MULT”. I then Write params. While I don’t get a “invalid number entered” error… the voltage is still wrong. It goes back to that 0.6V off from actual value.

If I type my measured voltage into the “Measured Voltage” field I’m seeing the correct number on the HUD, at least sitting here on my workbench. But I thought I recalled reading that with the Mauch it was better to trust their calibration than to simply type in my measured voltage.

Should I just go this approach and type in my measured voltage and disregard the calibration data from Mauch?

If so… I’m highly suspect of their provided A/V value if I’m not to trust their Volt. Divider value but I haven’t a good way to read my actual current draw.

Input the measure voltage but use the amps/volt value from the datasheet.

Okie Dokie! Glad to hear that’s not a bad idea moving away from the Mauch Calibration Sheet.

Thanks for the cross-check, Dave!

I would like an explanation on what is reported on this mauch series power module … on the IN and OUT indications how should they be understood … consider … the jumper must be closed when ??? and left as is without joining it when ???
If you use 3 s lipo it should be joined or closed, while if you use 8 s lipo how are you ???Power Module Mauch

IN up to 7S, OUT over 7S.

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IN = jumper pads soldered
OUT = no jumper at all = how it already looks in the picture

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Thank you for clarifying the meaning of … IN … and … OUT. We made a summary and we wanted to know if it is okay

IN up to 7S >>>YES jumper pads soldered

OUT over 7S>>>NO jumper pads soldered…how it already looks in the picture

So using a 3S lipo jumper pads soldered (CLOSED)

while using an 8S lipo NO jumper pads soldered (OPEN)
how it already looks in the picture