[Matrice600] TB48 or TB47 I2C battery communication

Hi all, good morning!

I would like to know if someone mapped the I2C messages of TB48 (or 47) battery. I´m deleveloping a method to replace the DJI batteries. We´ve already made some successful flights with Matrice 600 but the level battery indication could be a key point.

Thank you!

I can’t offer any help here because I’ve never tinkered with it, but if you can find away to apply this to the Inspire 1 batteries I’d be interested and very thankful.

Hi Allister,

I believe that the same knowledge can be expanded for modifications in Inspire 1. Basically I changed the batteries preserving the DJI intelligent board. It´s not so easy, but I´m focused in this task.

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Did you try the ArduCopter 4.1.0-dev version?