Matlab SITL Simulation Frame Class Error

I tried running the Ardupilot MATLAB SITL demo code, the video of which is located in this link

ArduPilot MATLAB SITL demo

I use the same setup that is used in the video. I started the SIM_multicopter.m code without getting any error but when i run SITL code with this command -v ArduCopter -f json: --map --console

I got an error AP: PreArm: Check firmware or FRAME_CLASS. And because of this error simulation did not run properly. How can i solve this problem?

Thanks for your response

You need to set the frame class parameter. Connect to sitl using mavproxy and do

Param set frame_class x

Thanks for your fast response,

I want to implement my own VTOL dynamic model into the matlab script.
If i use my own VTOL dynamic model in matlab, I think i should run this command: -v ArduPlane -f quadplane json : --map --console.

Am I right?