Mateksys F-405 Wing board and telemetry radio - possible bug?

Hello there.

I’m setting up Mateksys F-405 Wing board on chibi-os.
All seams to work great except for SiK telemetry radio.
Every time board is booted up telemetry radio (connected to UART-1) will start up in firmware update mode (solid red led). I need to disconnect it from UART port and re-connect for radio to start working in normal mode. After that it works fine.
It’s really annoying as after every board power-up I need to re-connect radio to UART port to make it work.
I’ve 3 radios (ver.1 and ver.2) and it’s the same story with all of them, so it’s not a radio.
Either there is a bug in software which makes radio boot-up in software update mode at system start-up, or my board is faulty ?
I wonder if anybody could replicate my experience to verify.

We also have an f405 wing fc with arduplane 3.9.5 and one of our spare 3dr telemetry radios on tx/rx1. No issues so far.

Thanks for letting me know Jess.
That means that code bug is rather unlikely and problem likely lies with my board.
I’ll try to use other UART, maybe this will help.

I am having the same problem with the radio starting red.

Unfortunately I never resolved this problem, so my radios still behave the same when connected to the Mateksys F-405 Wing board.

I am about to try connect a Sik radio to Matek F405 Wing. Question: what does one do with the RTS and CTS pins on the Sik radio? Where do they go?


you don’t need to connect them

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OK thanks to Lee Schofield…(painless360) a simple solution …load 3.9.7 of arduplane rather than the latest version.

Thnaks to Lee !!!