Mateksys AirSpeed Sensor DLVR L431 Not Working

I’m trying to install the purple ASPD-DLVR L431 air speed sensor from Mateksys onto a VTOL through the CAN node and so far, not good.

After toggling the parameters on Mission Planner (which I’ll outline below), I tried testing it, but QGroundControl cannot arm the VTOL due to these errors:

Arm: Internal errors 0x80000 I:386 i2C)isr
Arm: Airspeed1 not healthy

What do these errors mean and where did I go wrong?

I went through Ardupilot docs on installing an airspeed sensor and updated these parameters…

  • ARSPD_USE → 1
  • ARSPD_TYPE → 8 (DroneCAN)
  • CAN_P1_DRIVER → 1
    I also went under Optional Hardware → Airspeed and ticked the Use Airspeed button as well as changed the type to ‘DroneCAN.’

I am not using the M8Q-5883 GPS and Compass…
I have connected the CAN node to the I5 CAN bus splitter

Any help would be appreciated and please feel free to ask if I have missed anything. First time posting onto this community…

Okay, nevermind… It appears that I have connected the CAN node of the sensor to the I2C via the bus splitter. Which I believe is a big no no.