MatekH743-slim-v3 with SpeedyBee ESC with Bluejay = No Dshot other than Dshot300

I started setting up MatekH743, connected to SpeedyBee ESC (BLS 50A 30x30), loaded with Bluejay firmware.
Matek FC is loaded with stable-bshot-4.4.4 firmware.

The only Dshot option that works is Dshot300, regardless SERVO_BLH_BDMASK ON/OFF on first 4 channels. ESC doesn’t complete the “ready” beeps and cannot spin the motors.

The interesting part is I can use Dshot600 with this ESC (and same bluejay firmware) using SpeedyBee FC with 4.4.3 firmware (Didn’t test 4.4.4 for this FC).

There’s some tests or setup options I could try to investigate this? I will just be happy using Dshot300 otherwise (if it’s reliable)


Did you set SERVO_DSHOT_ESC?

Not set!

Testing now, same results if I pick BLHeli32/Kiss.
If I pick BLHeli_S it works Dshot300 and Dshot600. But I’m not sure bluejay is supposed to work Dsho150 or 1200.
This is good enough!

I can test later the EDT options If you think is useful.
Many thanks