MATEKF405wse and GPS M8Q-5883 GPS to its SH1.0_6pin GPS;noGPS

On the Matek f405wse board, the matek M8Q-5883 GPS is connected to its SH1.0_6pin connector (4V5 / G / TX4 / RX4 / DA2 / CL2) can the Mission Planner of AP ver1.3.74 recognize this GPS, what should I do to achieve it (Matekf405Wing firmware)? My screen shows GPS: noGPS

I’m using 2 of those GPS modules, no problem. One with a Matek H743 and the other on a Kakute F7 Mini. Is the module power LED lit?

Have you changed the default 9600 baud rate and 1hz rate in ublox? Or just leave it as it?

Default. Connect it and it works. Ardupilot configured the module on boot anyway unless you disable that feature.

Thanks for the information!