Matek M8Q-5883 GPS manual configuration changes after rebooting Kakute F7

Hi guys,

I am getting a weird behavior on one of my drones. I am running 2 M8Q-5883 Matek GPS modules with the exact same configuration made in U-center.

I have set:
Baud rate @115200
Protocol in: 0+1+2 - UBX+NMEA+RCTM2
Protocol Out: 0+1 - UBX+NMEA
Measurement Period: 500ms
Dynamic model: 8G Airborne

On the flight controller side both serial ports that communicate with the GPS’s are set to 115200 baudrate and Protocol is set to 5.

The first 2 batteries I fly the drone behaves normal with up to 22 satellites and no GPS glitches or error messages, but randomly after a few batteries the GPS satcount reduces to around 10 or 11 the aircraft icon in Mission Planner starts drifting all over the place, get a lot of GPS glitch messages.

To verify the GPS configuration I go back to U-blox (using an FTDI adapter), when I review the GPS parameters mentioned above, they are all changed.


Baud rate now is @9600
Protocol in: 0+1 - UBX+NMEA
Protocol Out: 0 - UBX
Measurement Period: 1000ms
Dynamic model: 0 portable

This happens repeatedly even after changing the GPS_SAVE_CFG and the GPS_AUTO_CONFIG parameters.

If I set GPS_AUTO_CONFIG to 0, no GPS is recognized by the flight controller, they only work when this parameter is set to 1.

How can I prevent this from happening? Like locking the manual settings I have saved onto the GPS modules?

Please help!!!