Matek H743-WINGv2, DJI airunit - how do I turn the air unit on/off with remote?

I’m powering ny DJI air unit with pins 9V and G on the bottom row of pins, beside VTx. I’ve closed the 9V->12V jumper so I’m getting 12v. It works, but my DJI airunit gets very hot very fast. it only gets airflow while flying. Can I turn it on/off with a switch on my rc? if so, please explain it to me as if I’m 12, but I have to then explain it to my 5 year old brother, who’s kind of dumb. thanks!

Caveat, I haven’t done this, just going by documentation. I do have the same flight controller though.

According to the Vsw pin can provide either 5V or 9V (selectable via solder jumper) at up to 1.5A, and is software-switchable. The DJI air unit takes up to 9W, so assuming you select the 9V option you should be good from a power perspective.

According to the Matek docs at Flight Controller H743-WING V2/V3 – Matek Systems GPIO 81 is the Vsw switch, so follow the instructions at Relay Switch — Plane documentation to set up the RELAY_PIN option, and to set up RCX_OPTION (for suitable value of X) to control it. Then set up one of your switches on the transmitter to toggle channel X, and calibrate that channel in the RC calibration page in Mission Planner.

You would use a small relay to switch it. There is lots of info on GPIO and relay config on the wiki.

thanks @cbf123 I’ll try to work though that.