Matek H743-WING Roll Axis Reversed


I recently purchased a Matek H743-WING. While bench testing Arducopter 4.04 I noticed an issue with the roll axis being reversed as shown in the HUD in both Mission Planner and QGC when moving the board around. I re-flashed Betaflight to test if it was a faulty board, the roll axis responded correctly in Betaflight.

I calibrated the accelerometer, calibrated level and adjusted the board alignment parameters to see if that was the issue but this didn’t help.

Any help would be appreciated.


In-case its useful I enabled disarmed logging and have posted a log link.!ArksuYyBsftIjc8RYHMIlO4KEgtjsQ?e=Gn3cff

I haven’t looked at the log, but the first thing I’d check is that you’re not mixing up an attitude indicator with an artificial horizon. Easy to do, and they are always the reverse of each other when pitch level