Matek H743 Slim - Motor twitching and unknown beeps while disarmed

I have a Matek H743 Slim V3 mated with a Mamba F30 mini 4-1 ESC.
I have not flown my new ardu-whoop yet, but I can arm the drone and spin the motors up.
However, while disarmed: I am getting weird controlled motor spinning, usually on one motor, but not always the same. And then there are also repeated double beeps, which I’ve never had happen before. I’ve looked into min throttle threshold and calibrated my radio but all seems fine at a glance. I’ve mapped the motors and they all spin correctly. I think part of my problem may be in the ESC calibration, but not sure.

Here is a google link drive to a quick video of the issues being experienced:

Attached is also my current parameter list. bb2-20230403.param (20.5 KB)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Params looks fine and you are using dshot so no need to calibrate. Do you have a link to the ESC?
It might be worth trying a different value for SERVO_DSHOT_ESC

I’m using the Diatone Mamba F30 Mini with dshot600:

So try setting SERVO_DSHOT_ESC to BLHeli_S

Have you tried playing around in the BLheli parameters (connecting the ESC to BLheliSuite32 via Ardupilot passthrough)? Or maybe try oneshot instead of dshot to see if the problem still occurs?

a few month ago I could’t get my Matek H743 Slim working with the M-GPS -L4-3100. Few day’s ago I grabbed it again with the latest FW updated. Now it is working strongly. An the bench, indoor, 16 satellite’s, amazing.
Btw: I watched your Skiing video in France. Very very good, I liked it. It showed a Non-skier like me a lot of close-up details I have never seen before.

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