Matek H743-slim DesiredYaw hop on takeoff

Hello! I’ve built 450 quad on Matek H743-slim FC, now trying to fly and have strange behaviour - after takeoff quad starts to making turns by YAW axis. I checked DF logs and see that Desired Yaw value is hopping after takeoff. Vibrations looks low, compass-motors calibration is performed.
What is going on? Does anybody have success with Matek H743-slim?
logs here
Thank you

@dkemxr hey Dave does this sound familiar. I thought you were telling me about problem with the board that you where having. Is this the same thing.

No, nothing related to yaw. I noticed on a few occasions if it’s connected via USB to Mission Planner for some hours/overnight it might show a roll offset. This has not been realized in flight. Not that many flights because it’s too cold and snowy here but so far it’s been performing well.

I have a Matek H743-Mini but it’s the same architecture as the Slim. Your log is chock full of Ground mag anomalies and EKF errors. So I suppose compass interference.

Try only in stabilize mode (without compass) and check the yaw stick on the radio. I have similar problem and fix it by simply cleaning with crc contact cleaner / wd40 or similar