Matek H743 Lite - Battery Monitor Settings?


I’d like to see the battery voltage but somehow I can’t get it to work properly on a Matek H743 Lite. It’s either 0 volt and prevents arming due to low batt. Or it shows a voltage way too high (showing +14 volts instead of 12volts measured with multimeter) If I enter 12v measured, I get error messages.

Can somebody help me? What HW Ver(sion) do I choose?

I’m running Beta4.3 V10

Schermafbeelding 2023-04-22 om 07.26.32
Schermafbeelding 2023-04-22 om 07.26.45

GPSBoat743.param (17.2 KB)

Dont worry about the calibration box, you have the figures required in the text try to enter them at the parameter list

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And reboot after changing any of the battery stuff.
There’s actually only a couple of battery params than require a reboot to work, but best to be sure.

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Thank you, Scott and Shawn.

I grabbed my Win10 laptop instead of a macbook and now it shows correct values. Weird. Perhaps rebooting was indeed the answer. I’ll try the macbook later today and see if it shows 0 volt again.

I now have to try to get rid of the BAD BATTERY message in the HUD. I can still arm so not a deal breaker but it would be nice if IM the one who decides when the battery is bad. I use 3S Li-ion batteries and fully charged they are 12.3volts.

For reference for others that deal with the same problem i started this thread with, these settings work for me:

Set these for 3S Li Ion

I advise to check your failsafe actions and Fence settings for when the unexpected happens.
Seen so many (copter) queries and logs like “why doesnt my battery take full charge” , “why did my copter crash” because people thought they didnt need these settings “during testing” then forgot about it. And there’s always the trick of heading off to Sea of Japan when Home wasnt set properly.


Thank you for these parameters. I changed all parameters per advise & Wiki, did a full recalibration of the vehicle and all is working as intended.

Here’s a spreadsheet that applies mostly to copter, but the battery voltage section applies to all firmware types. This was used to create the copter “Initial Parameters” section in MissionPlanner.

You just put in your battery cell count and select the chemistry from the drop-down list.
It works in both MS Exel and LibreOffice.

Li Ion cells can be a bit different to Lipos, in that cells from different manufacturers can have different voltage ranges (apart from the usual discharge rates and so on). In this sheet there are typical, most common, voltages used for Li Ion. LiPos tend to be all identical as far as low and critical voltages are concerned.