Matek H743 + IRCTramp 1600mW doesn't work

Hello all,
I had Matek H743-wing v3 controller running Plane v4.3.1 and I was trying to activate and setup VTX control using IRCTramp. It didn’t work.
Then I found this page, it looks like TRAMP is not supported in default firmware for Matek H743, why?
So I made custom build for H743 with TRAMP included which is a latest 4.4beta. Is it a stable version? How can I run v4.3.1 custom build?
Unfortunately, even with v4.4 the VTX control doesn’t work :frowning:

I have configured all parameters like VTX_ENABLE, SERIAL3_PROTOCOL = 44, RCx_OPTION = 94.

my VTX: Jhemcu RuiBet Tran-3016W 25-1600mW

I also checked mavproxy console, Plane 4.3 stable release - #59 by tridge. There are no TRAMP messages:

AP: Calibrating barometer
AP: Barometer 1 calibration complete
AP: MS4525[0]: Found bus 1 addr 0x28
AP: Airspeed 1 calibration started
AP: ArduPilot Ready
AP: AHRS: DCM active
AP: RCOut: PWM:1-6 PWM:8-13
AP: Throttle failsafe on
AP: RC Short Failsafe On
AP: Flight mode = CIRCLE
fence breach
AP: CRSFv2: requesting RX device info
AP: RCInput: decoding CRSF(3)
AP: ELRS: custom telem init done, fw 0.00
AP: Throttle failsafe off
AP: Short Failsafe Cleared
AP: Flight mode MANUAL restored
AP: Airspeed 1 calibrated
AP: ELRS: running on non-DMA serial port
AP: ELRS: RSSI now displays normally
AP: ArduPlane V4.4.0dev (71828602)
AP: ChibiOS: 66e5de0d
AP: MatekH743 00250030 32305105 35363730
AP: RCOut: PWM:1-6 PWM:8-13
AP: IMU0: fast sampling enabled 2.0kHz
AP: IMU1: fast sampling enabled 2.0kHz
Flight battery 100 percent
AP: GPS 1: detected as u-blox at 230400 baud

I think you might be reading that page wrong. The things listed are the omitted functions, which means that IRC Tramp should be included by default on the H743.

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ok, now IRC Tramp works almost fine. I had to set:
SERIAL3_OPTIONS to 4 (HalfDuplex) - configuration for SmartAudio. Can you add this note to IRC Tramp documentation?

But I’m not able set max power, 1600mW. This settings works in Betaflight:

800mW and lower powers are ok when setting VTX_POWER.
Controlling power with RC11 is somehow inconsistent. When RC11 is at max level (2000), OSD reports 1000mW. For RC11 at 1000 it is 0mW.

I’d need to give you a debug build to diagnose this. Would that be ok? Your settings look correct.

ok, let know if you wish to fix it. I’m going to switch analog VTX for Walksnail. But I can test it out if you want.

Thanks for the support!

I actually made a fix for SA2.0 recently that probably helps here - it’s worth trying the latest version

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Hello all,
I had an isuue just like Topic Starter (Ivosch).
I can to control my VTX from INAV. But I can’t in ArduCopter (Mission Planner 1.3.8479.20539).

ArduCopter V4.3.7 (c8506ed4)

[ ] All
[ ] AntennaTracker
[X] Copter
[ ] Plane
[ ] Rover
[ ] Submarine

Airframe type

Hardware type
FC Matek F405-TE
VTX Jhemcu RuiBet Tran-3016W 25-1600mW The same like TS has.

What logs do you need? How to download it?

I was trying to activate and setup VTX control using IRCTramp. It didn’t work at me too. Even BAND and Channel. And is it true that MP have no possibility to set POWER more than 1000 mW?

Configured parameters:
and with SERIAL5_OPTIONS 0 was tried also (and many other :slight_smile: )

and RC14_OPTION set to 94

Help me please to solve this problem.
With love from Ukraine!

I did a custom FW with IRC. It works now.
But still can’t increase Power more than 1000 mW. In my case 800 mW respectivly (nearest to low side). VTX power levels PIT/25MW/200/400/800/1600MW
Looking for solution.

Same problem. IRC Tramp VTX (SpeedyBee TX800) with 4 level power (25,200,400,800mw). Can switch to first 3 levels (25,200,400) and also PIt mode but impossible to set it to max power level. Tried everything without success. Arducopter 4.4.2

I can post a debug build to see what is going on if you were interested. The upper power levels are not covered by the IRC spec so probably some weirdness there.

Oh, I see this again on analog VTX using Tramp protocol.

Previously I had issue with pandarc 5804ML1

Now, I also have the issue using JHEMCU RuiBet Tran-3016W 5.8GHZ 1.6W
a) It seems VTX_POWER/VTX_FREQ working with MP settings.
b) I can’t change the power by RC7_OPTION = 94, which is ok for pandarc.
c) I also can’t change band and channel by VTX_BAND/VTX_CHANNEL

I am really curious about this protocol and specification.

Yes of course I’m interested :slight_smile: I am using mroControlZero F7 with this VTX on Arduplane 4.4.3.

I have this same issue, currently running a Matek F405 Wing with the latest 4.4.3 build of Plane. I have a Rush Max Solo (SmartAudio) with the following power levels: 25mW, 500mW, 1000mW, 2500mW

VTX_OPTIONS I have set as 50 which is ‘add leading zero byte to requests’ and ‘use 1-stop bit in SmartAudio’

Changing VTX_Power I can get 25mW, 500mW and 1000mW but can’t get 2500mW changing values in Mission Planner.

Following one of your videos Andy I put VTX Power on a dial on RC12 and had RC12_Option set to 94. Turning the dial I can get full power of 2512mW (strange value on the OSD). I tried changing VTX_Power manually to 2512mW and it did nothing.

So in short, for me it works via a dial but not the VTX_Power parameter in Mission Planner. Below are the messages I get rotating the dial


Here is a debug build. You will need to use mavproxy to see the debug messages