Matek H743 + IRCTramp 1600mW doesn't work

Hello all,
I had Matek H743-wing v3 controller running Plane v4.3.1 and I was trying to activate and setup VTX control using IRCTramp. It didn’t work.
Then I found this page, it looks like TRAMP is not supported in default firmware for Matek H743, why?
So I made custom build for H743 with TRAMP included which is a latest 4.4beta. Is it a stable version? How can I run v4.3.1 custom build?
Unfortunately, even with v4.4 the VTX control doesn’t work :frowning:

I have configured all parameters like VTX_ENABLE, SERIAL3_PROTOCOL = 44, RCx_OPTION = 94.

my VTX: Jhemcu RuiBet Tran-3016W 25-1600mW

I also checked mavproxy console, Plane 4.3 stable release - #59 by tridge. There are no TRAMP messages:

AP: Calibrating barometer
AP: Barometer 1 calibration complete
AP: MS4525[0]: Found bus 1 addr 0x28
AP: Airspeed 1 calibration started
AP: ArduPilot Ready
AP: AHRS: DCM active
AP: RCOut: PWM:1-6 PWM:8-13
AP: Throttle failsafe on
AP: RC Short Failsafe On
AP: Flight mode = CIRCLE
fence breach
AP: CRSFv2: requesting RX device info
AP: RCInput: decoding CRSF(3)
AP: ELRS: custom telem init done, fw 0.00
AP: Throttle failsafe off
AP: Short Failsafe Cleared
AP: Flight mode MANUAL restored
AP: Airspeed 1 calibrated
AP: ELRS: running on non-DMA serial port
AP: ELRS: RSSI now displays normally
AP: ArduPlane V4.4.0dev (71828602)
AP: ChibiOS: 66e5de0d
AP: MatekH743 00250030 32305105 35363730
AP: RCOut: PWM:1-6 PWM:8-13
AP: IMU0: fast sampling enabled 2.0kHz
AP: IMU1: fast sampling enabled 2.0kHz
Flight battery 100 percent
AP: GPS 1: detected as u-blox at 230400 baud

I think you might be reading that page wrong. The things listed are the omitted functions, which means that IRC Tramp should be included by default on the H743.

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ok, now IRC Tramp works almost fine. I had to set:
SERIAL3_OPTIONS to 4 (HalfDuplex) - configuration for SmartAudio. Can you add this note to IRC Tramp documentation?

But I’m not able set max power, 1600mW. This settings works in Betaflight:

800mW and lower powers are ok when setting VTX_POWER.
Controlling power with RC11 is somehow inconsistent. When RC11 is at max level (2000), OSD reports 1000mW. For RC11 at 1000 it is 0mW.