Matek H743 + GNSS M10-5883 “GPS failing configuration checks”

I have just setup a plane with a matek H743 flightcontroller and Matek M10-5883 GNSS for position. It arms and seemingly works fine, but every time I boot it up, I get the error message “GPS failing configuration checks” popping up. This is then followed by “GPS 1: u-blox solution rate configuration 0x208”

Question 1: Do I have an issue? Or is it nothing to worry about?

Question 2: If I have an issue. What is it? Googleing suggested

  • Wiring issue – This I have checked and found no issue.
  • GNSS is failing to initialize – Not sure how to check this. GPS clearly works. I have tested different settings on GPS_GNSS_MODE and GPS_TYPE (1 or 2) and I always get the same error message.
  • Some have gotten this message with GPS_RAW_DATA =1. I have it set to 0.

It is the first time I use a GNSS receiver (instead of GPS) so I assume it is something I have configured incorrectly. I also get an error message “PreArm: AHRS: not using configured AHRS type”. Perhaps they are related. Anyway after these error messages it arms and runs fine.