Matek h743 edu450 and mk15

Hello everyone.

First of all, I should point out that I am quite a novice in drone construction. I started collecting the drone that was brought to the office as a hobby kit, and then things happened.

I initially created a drone using EDU450 and Cubeorange. I made the connections and got it ready for flight.

The drone you see in the pictures was made using Matek H743 and EDU450. I just ask you to comment on the drone. What did I do right, what did I do wrong? What should I fix? What are your suggestions for a good drone flight?

Thank you from now.

Materials used:
Hexsoon EDU-450
Matek H743
HERE3 + RTK Base

1- I am thinking of creating an additional part with 3D printing to protect the flight control card.
2- I haven’t been able to solve the battery problem yet. I will make a 24V battery pack using a 3.2 amp lifepo battery. I will add the results later at the bottom of this post. For now I’m testing with the power supply.
3- I haven’t been able to do any tests outdoors yet. But I think my connections are correct. I only did GPS tests on the balcony and it seems quite successful.
4- I know it looks ugly yet, but I will improve it further :slight_smile:

1- What is your ideal battery recommendation for this type of drone? How many volts and how many amperes of battery do you recommend I use?
2- I’m not sure I understand the wing directions and engine order correctly. If anything about this subject catches your attention, I ask you to write.
3- When I want to do commissioning tests;
arm:roll (rc1) is not neutral and arm:pitch (rc2) is not neutral
I’m getting errors and I haven’t been able to solve the problem yet. Do you have any suggestions on this subject?
4- For MK15, when I move the gas stick to the left diagonal and the direction stick to the left diagonal, it goes into arming mode. Is there a different bar combination for SIYI MK15?

comments to notes:

  1. can’t hurt to do that. Also look up where your baro is located and put a piece of open-cell foam over it to protect from air currents.
  2. 24V is probably too much, see answers 1) below
  3. sounds good.
  4. that’s not ugly. Apart from the FC on top, which you can hide under a printed cover, it looks quite tidy.

answers to questions:

  1. I just put your setup through eCalc. It looks like even 4S is borderline too much for your motors, so 6S will be way too much.

[Edit:] I just remembered RTFM and looked it up: the ArduPilot wiki recommends 3300mAh to 5300mAh 3S, CubePilot recommends 5300mAh 4S. So either way, not 6S.

  1. Propeller direction is correct, if the arrow on the FC does point to the front of the drone. You can test the motor order and direction like described here (the screenshot is outdated but the general information is still valid).

I can’t answer 3) and 4) since I don’t have any experience with SIYI MK15.

For general tuning i recommend to read and follow the How to methodically tune (almost) any multicopter guide. Download the methodic configurator, edit each file in the configurator to suit your copter and write them to the FC one by one as you read along. The guide and configurator tell you what to do at any given time. Do not skip any steps! Anything that might seem like a shortcut will result in a worse tuned copter in the end.

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Hello Jan,
First of all, thank you very much for your valuable comments.
I will take them all into consideration.

The reason I want to use 24V for the battery pack is the hardware I use on it. Do you think if I use a 4S battery, can I power my receiver along with the flight control card without any problems? Because even just the receiver requires 4-6 seconds of battery power.

Now that you mention that, you are right. The SIYI MK15 Air Unit (is this the right unit?) indeed requires 6S - 14S input voltage…

It is technically possible to fly 6S on these motors, however you need to make that you don’t exceed the power limit. This can be done through software (although I don’t have experience with that) or by using smaller props. Also check what voltage the ESC are capable of handling.

Yeah, I am using MK15 air unit. That’s why i prefer 24V for everything. And as i know it’s minimum 8s battery. Thank you for valuable comments.

If it was 8S then even 24V (nominal) would not be enough. All information I can find says 6S-14S. Please look it up in your datasheet or maybe ask @SIYI ?

Please also find out what voltage your ESCs can handle. Afaik the EDU450 kit comes with Hexsoon 20A ESCs and 20A ESCs often don’t like more than 4S.

@GokhanAnac66 If your MK15 is from the latest lot, it should even be 4S to 18S air unit power input.

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Actually, I also use a power distribution board with my Matek H743. Main voltage input between 8-36V. I power the ESCs and flight control card through this power distribution board. There is a 12V output on the H743, I also power the MK15 from here. Actually everything looks fine, but I guess I won’t understand until I test the drone at full power.

Thank you so much, i checked now and i see my versions from 100 years ago :smiley: i will update all apps, thank you so much.

Do you power the MK15 from the PDB or from the 12V output? If it’s the latter it won’t work, 12V is even below 4S.

Also check what voltage your ESCs can handle.

You don’t mean “full power” = “6S + full throttle”, right?

Hello again,

I mean for full power: I will make start 4 ESC while MK15 is working and i will calculate the total Amps.

For your another question: I am giving power to Power Distrubition Board from battery ( now power supply). But i am giving power to MK15 from MatekH743. There is 12V and it’s working now, isn’t wrong sir ?

Good to hear it works with 12V as well. You should check how much current the Matek can continuously supply and how much current the MK15 needs for operation.

Let me know how the full power test went once you’ve done that.

Nevermind, I just checked and it’s fine. The Matek 12V BEC can supply 2A continuously and the MK15 air unit needs peak 12W / 12V = 1A.

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I did a test yesterday with the power supply. Everything works smoothly. However, since the amperage of the power supply was not sufficient, the connection between the mk15 and the receiver was disconnected from time to time. Now all that’s left is for me to make a nice battery pack. Actually, I can buy it ready-made, but I have 100 3.2V life-po battery cells. I will try to do it myself and learn :slight_smile:

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Hello again, Drone is completely finished and everything is working perfectly for now. I just need a flight test, but I need to find a suitable environment. See you at the flight test!

There is a link for watching my dear drone :smiley:

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