Matek h743 Baro DPS310 wrong detcetion

On my Lumenier LUX H7 HD Ultimate Flight Controller there is DPS310 Barometer, but it gets detected as DPS280. I’m using Ardupilot 4.1.5 (Copter) with MATEK H743 target

What can I do to detect the correct baro, because there is no temperature correction applied and values are increasing…?

I took a look into the code and for me it seems that the name is always dps280.
I hope that I2C 0x77 address is detected - because of some additional register bigbang to better configure the baro.
Is the altitude without GPS / Compass only calculated with the barometer?
After 6 hours it goes from 0 up to 20 meters at home - closed doors, sensor covered by foam ???