MATEK H743 915mhz doesn't connect to mavlink

Good afternoon
I am having trouble connecting H743 wing to 915mhz radio. I’m not sure I have it wired properly to begin with. I am using UART 7 on the H743. I notice that my radio has no wires in the connector for cts and rts. This worked fine for APM2 with out any additional settings . I have tried setting the SERIALx_PROTOCOL to 1 for mavlink and no change.

Radio lights are solid green when powered.
Message: No Heartbeats from mission planner
rover 4.1.0 Dev

Any help with getting this connected appreciated

Link to Pin outs:
Photo of pins used on FC

Solved. I had the RX and TX wires the wrong way around. Rx goes to TX and TX goes to RX.