Matek FCHUB-12S and Pixhawk

Dear forum community,

  1. Please help me figure out the correct way of connecting a Matek FCHUB-12S PDB to Pixhawk.
  2. Is it possible to use this PDB to to connect to Pixhawk like the Holybro PM02 power module (to enable measurement of current & battery voltage)?

Matek FCHUB012S PDB:

Pixhawk product page, for example -


You can use the 5V BEC to power the Pixhawk and the Current sense signal. Both inputs are on the Power Module connector. I don’t think you can use the outputs for Vbat detection as that’s 3.3V full scale input on the Pixhawk.

Why are you using a PIxhawk? Why not a Flight Controller that accepts Vbat directly?

Did you figure this out? Im trying to do the same!

I ended up using a separate power module for the Pixhawk, in order to get reliable battery measurements:

In addition, I connected another BEC to Pixhawk servo rail:

Thanks! What kind of currents are you using? Is it really reliable voltage and current reading?