Matek F765 Wing - Voltage and Current sensing from 12s Lipo and 200a VESC6

Hello Everyone,
I dislike posting questions that I feel may have already been covered, but I’ve searched and searched and searched to no avail… So I do apologise, although I really would be grateful of some help;

I’m trying to put together a system using the Matek F765 and Arduplane. The system runs from a 12s Lipo and uses a Flipsky FSESC 200a VESC6. I know the F765 supports upto 8s and 135a, however the VESC has the capability to output battery voltage and current draw, but I am confused as to how to wire and configure the VESC to F765. I am happy to use an additional Lipo to power the FC, servos, etc.

If anyone has any experience or ideas for my next steps, it would be so very much appreciated. (I’m cautious of just hooking it up and trying things out due to the cost of the equipment).

Thank you.