Matek F765 Wing Flight Controller

::: RESOLVED ::: See resolution below.

Trying to understand how to setup dual cameras on this flight controller and how to switch between the two during flight.

I have reviewed this link, but unsure how to interpret it to get my desired results.

Anyone successfully configured the camera switching with Arduplane? After I plug the two camera to the flight controller what settings do I need to make with in Arduplane? On my Taranis?

Any insight appreciated.

I have not tested this feature yet, but the link you are looking at plus Ardupilot documentation seems to suggest that parameter “Relay_Pin2” need to be set as PWM so you can switch cameras. Also make sure that both cameras are set to one type of video format (NTSC or PAL).

Issue resolved:

I needed to set the following configurations:
RC11_OPTION = 34

On my Taranis, Set (Mixer) CH5 to switch SD and CH11 to switch SB

And finally soldered a bridge between the noted middle and 9v pad on the Flight Controller.