Matek f765 for quad plane

Hi all
I am new to the forum and arduplane

I am trying to build a mini talon quadplane

-the board is flashed and accelerometer calibrated
-q enable 1
-I have all the servos working as they should
-q stabilize mode set

-when I arm just the foreword flight motor spins
-I cannot seem to get the quad motors to do anything
-I set the q m pwm to dshot600 to match the 4in1 esc
-have not been able to calibrate the 4in1 esc
-it seems there is no throttle signal getting to it. (I think)

matek f765
40amp esc for foreword motor
racerstar 4in1 esc for quad motors

any help would be much appreciated
Thanks Mike

I suppose for a quad plane with that FC you would want the motors on channels 7-10 so they are on the same timer (4) and then configure those channels for Dshot with the mask.

thanks for the reply
I will try that
what is the mask?

Page down to Configuration>Protocol Selection.

Actually read the entire subject. Useful stuff there that will short cut a lot of questions.

I put motors into the same group 7-10
tried changing the mask settings, didnt seem to do anything.

when I go to motor test, I select a motor and it beeps. but doesnt spin.

from what I understand the q_m_pwm_type sets the esc type for quadplane moters.
The [SERVO_BLH_MASK] [SERVO_BLH_OTYPE] perimeter is for plane motors esc type.

so not going to help getting quadplane motors going?

Hi Michael,

You probably need to go back to the Ardipilot Plane WiKi and start setting up from the beginning. You need to set up the frame parameters and define the SERVOx_FUNCTION settings for every output. The WiKi shows you how to do that. Post your .param file here when finished.
QuadPlane Setup

Welcome to the VTOL Plane forum! :grinning:

Thanks Greg
I have been through the setup a few times now and read the wiki
I have set the servo functions, frame class, frame type etc.
everything is working except the quad motors

Where do I find the param file ?

It can either be extracted from a .bin file using Mission Planner or it can be saved to a file from Mission Planner or another Ground Control Software (GCS).

Full Parameter List

You can use the search engine in the WiKi to find many answers. Good luck!

f765 talon vtol.param (22.6 KB)

Your quad motors are defined for SERVO 7 through SERVO 10. This means that the quad motor ESCs are connected to Outputs 7 through 10. The forward flight motor ESC is on Output 3.

Does this reflect your connections on the model?

yes thats correct. put them onto 7-10 to be on the same timer, like Dave mentioned

in the pic I posted I have them on 5-8, but changed to 7-10

any problems with my params?