Matek F405mini Te erratic takeoff after landing

Hi, we have an small 4 in drone for indoor use with matek f405mini te board.

the drone flies ok, but we have found some issue.

  1. connect the battery
  2. wait for the autopilot start beeps.
  3. arm and take off.
  4. some minutes fliying.
  5. land and disarm.

the issue comes here:

  1. If you arm the drone after these previous landing and you try to take off, in some cases, the drone make a erratic take off and crashes.

to fix these issue, we usually reboot the drone after each landing. these its very un useful for us, if we want to land and wait with the drone powered to the next take off.

if we have to re boot the board after each landing, the performance of the drone will ve very poor.

any solution for these issue?

pd: these issue we have found in different matek boards. f405 std and f405mini te

I haven’t seen such an issue before but you would need to post a log with the issue presenting itself.

Try to update to 4.3 and see if the problem persists.

It is also good to post some log files so anyone can try to analyze it and help you.