Matek F405 WTE won't connect after flashing

I recently got the matek f405- wing WTE board and can’t get it to be recognized by my computer after flashing. I put it into dfu mode and flash it with the matek f405 TE firmware, and it works fine until I unplug it and plug it back in. My computer doesn’t recognize it after I plug it in again. There is nothing wrong with the board I can flash Inav firmware, and it works perfectly. Is this a bug in the firmware, or am I missing something?

Got the same problem. I fixed it using the STM Cube Programmer (you have to register before downloading) and “downloaded” it into the STM Microcontroller. Betaflight, Zardic, RCdriverfixer didn’t work at all.

This might be too simple but I’ll put it out there just in case: Double check if the comm port changed on you. I’ve had that happen with Matek boards where after I’ve flashed them from Inav to Ardu… they show up on a new port.

I’ve usually had the most luck just using the Inav configurator for flashing ArduPilot firmwares.