Matek F405-Wing + TBS Nano RX + Mavlink Setup

Hi Everyone;
I am trying to connect with mavlink Over wifi to Mission planner (Matek F405-Wing + TBS Nano RX)
I wired nano Rx to F405 as below


I also setup Nano RX Output Map as below

Output1 - Crsf TX
Output2 - Crsf RX
Output3 - Mavl. Rx
Output4 - Mavl. TX
Output5 - BST SCL
Output6 - BST SDA

I can see Ardupilot 4.2.0 on my Radiomaster TX16 TBS Agent Lite. I open the mission planner. I select TCP/115200 and I click the connect button. Then Mission Planner connects to the Matek F405-Wing and says Getting Parameters but can’t. The loading bar still spinning but any parameters cant load. I waited more than 10 minutes but nothing changed. Where am I doing wrong?

If you want to use Mavlink telemetry and Yappu on the TX16S you’ll need to connect both the CRSF to one serial port, and the Mavlink to another.

I’m normally a mission planner user, but last time I fought with this setup I found it better to use QGC. The parameter load took forever, but QGC seemed to get up and running faster. The good part about that is an iPad is much easier to carry in the field than a laptop. In all fairness though it’s been about six months since I’ve beat my head against the wall with this and there’s been a ton of updates since.

Hi Allister;

What do you mean in your first sentences? Could you please explain? I am not good at these things.

I am normally a mission planner user. But When I want to connect mission planer with Mavlink over wifi, I can connect but I can’t get parameters. If I cant get parameters, I can’t setup anything.

I set up two separate connections between my Matek board and the Nano RX. One set (RX/TX) was CRSF, that gives RC control and telemetry to the TX16S (Yaapu Telemetry Script - If you aren’t familiar with this you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s awesome. GitHub - yaapu/FrskyTelemetryScript: A LUA telemetry script and widget for the Horus X10(S),X12 and Taranis X9D+,X9E,QX7 and X-Lite radios using ArduPilot frsky passthru protocol)

The second set of connections (RX/TX) is for Mavlink. This requires a separate serial port on the Matek board. This will feed the wifi link so you can use Mission Planner. I would also suggest you try QGC because I found it seemed to work with this connection better than Mission Planner.

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Thank you for your reply. I know Yaapu telemetry and Inav Lua scripts. I’ve used inav lua script before but haven’t used yaapu with arduplane fw yet. I downloaded and installed it but haven’t run it yet. I’m working on it. I guess I didn’t enter new RC_Option value so it didn’t work.

Can you explain in more detail how you connected the cable to the Matek motherboard? And RX how to setup RX output options. Are my output settings wrong?

This post here should explain it all: