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Matek F405-STD ChibiOS issues


(Rolando G) #1

Hello guys,

I have a Matek F405-STD board and I’m having issues on Mission Planner. I spent the better day of yesterday figuring out a Windows driver issue and finally got it connected to MP. Now while running initial setup it just hangs. The board has LEDs ON and MP is unresponsive. I can’t calibrate compass or accelerometer. I have to reboot board and MP.

I’ve tried flashing it via BF with the latest & stable builds of copter and plane for “Matek F405” and “Matek F405-STD” and I keep getting bad results. Any help?

(Peter Hall) #2

your flashing latest? The .hex with bl using betaflight configorator? Only difference between -STD and not is the default parameters for ahrs orientation so it matches the arrow on the board.

(Rolando G) #3

Yes, I wonder if this issue is linked again with the drivers.

(Peter Hall) #4

are you on the latest beta of mission planner? help -> check for beta updates

(Rolando G) #5

I clicked that and then tested again, and nothing

(ppoirier) #6

I experienced a similar problem after flashing the xxx_bl.hex and I resolve by changing USB port on my Wind10. Look like its kinda blacklisted on the port after flashing…