Matek F405 mini TE optical flow missing parameters

Hi everyone.

We are making a small indoor 4" drone with the board, Matek F405 Mini TE and ardupilot, to can use optical flow and rangefinders

Previously, we have tested this hardware with another old board, the matek f405 STD without any problems, all systems ok, rangefinders and optical flow.

WIth the new board, the f405 mini te, in the arducopter firmware 4.2.0, there are missing the parameters of the optical flow setup.

the flow_type is missing, therefore we dont use optical flow

anyone knows why?

even we have build a custom firmware with the optical flow parameters included, but not works too.

any solution??


It looks like that particular board is so low on flash that optical flow support has been removed (see this pull requrest. I think these low end boards are so extremely low on flash space very difficult choices need to be made. I think if the AP_OPTICALFLOW_ENABLE definition is set to 1 then it should work. It might help to use the custom build server.

FYI @peterbarker.