Matek F405-CTR not initialising all esc

I am having a problem where when I connect my matek F405-CTR to the battery all 4 esc/motors make the first beep, but then randomly only one or two or three start making throtle signal detected beeps every 1 sec, until after 5-10s the board boots and only these esc which have made throtle signal detected beeps are initialised by the final beep. Only they spin up when I arm the board. The board itself works ok, evethough the motors didn’t all boot up. If I firstly boot up the board with usb (so wait 5-10s after pluging it in), then when I connect the battery all 4 esc/motors make the initiall beep and are then instantly initialised. (here are the beeps explained)
So, I did some research:

  1. The escs did the same behaviour whether the “signal” ground was grounded to common ground or not.
  2. After reading this post (Matek F405 wing won't boot without USB first) where he had simmilar problem but presumably worse, I tried flashing the board with an older bootloader (AP 3.9.7) and then I updated the firmware to latest AC 4.0.3. That didn’s solve anthing and the board behaved the same.
  3. Updating to AC4.0.4 didn’t solve the issue either.
  4. At one time I managed to get all 4 escs to initialise and was able to fly the copter with no problem.

I have also filmed what is happening if it helps: