Matek DLVR not working in I2C mode

Having an issue where multiple of these DLVR sensors are working fine in CAN mode, but will not work over the I2C port. This is with the resistors removed and the parameters set at Matek specifies. Then there are two odd sensors that do work, but the 0 ohm resistors are still on one and off on the other. No differences in parameters on those. SDA and SCL pins match on each side. Something seems off with these, but I’m not sure what.

On boot, the message “Airspeed 1 calibration started” comes up, but no completion or unhealthy message comes up. When doing a PREFLIGHT_CALIBRATION command the calibration starts, but the Airspeed 1 unhealthy message comes up.

Tested with CubeBlack, CubeOrange, 4.0.9, 4.1.6, and current latest build (427c08db) with the same results.

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I have also same issue with mission planner, durandal.

I got far enough to determine that it only happens over a 115200 USB connection. This issue does not happen over a 57600 radio link.