Matek 405 build advice

I managed to get a standard Matek 405 FC pretty cheap so thought I would build a small quad with some bits I have leftover from crashed quads. I’m going to use a Matek PDB XT60 that has a BEC 12v and 5v.

The FC loaded firmware 3.7.0 without a hitch so I would like to add a current and voltage sensor to the setup.
Q1/ Suggestions for which sensor to use and
Q2/ How to wire and set up.
Q3/ I could work it out by trial and error but does any know in advance which signal pad number matches which motor number.


Theres lots of info in the docs:

See here for a few power module options:

How much current do you expect to draw? if its is <60A continuous, <90A burst, you can use the classic 3DR design power module:
They are available pretty much anywhere and a pretty cheap. Search for “3DR power module”

If you expect to draw more than that, then I recommend a Mauch Power module:

See the above links for wiring.

Here is a link that describes configuration through mission planner:

Thanks for that. I really appreciate the input. Do you know how to wire up one of these power sensor modules to a Matek 405 Flight Controller ?

Hi Rustymarmot,

I have almost the same config as yours except that I use a power hub from matek. For ESCs I have small Hakrc’s 35A(BLHeli 32) with telemetry pads and as reciever, a R-XSR. I am very puzzled to how connect Smartport from reciever and telemetry from the ESCs therefore I don’t have any readings of battery voltage from mission planner and OSD as well as no telemetry readings on my Taranis. Could you sort those Issues on your side? How to connect? How to set it up in MP?

I’ve got the Matek F405-STD, too. I have most things working now and I have even done a very short test flight.

However, I read that there are 5 serial ports (plus the console, so technically 6). The documentation says that I can set BRD_ALT_CONFIG=1 and then the RX will become available. However, I am unable to see the SERIAL5_xxx parameters in Mission Planner. How do I get these the become visible?

I’m running Arducopter v4.0.3, Mission Planner 1.3.72.

Your way ahead of me. I have all the parts ready to go together but just have not had time so I cant help you sorry. But I would be interested in more detail of your setup when you have time. RM

Hi @rustymarmot - sorry for the slow reply. I’ve been trying for a very long time to pull my quadcopter together. The idea was to keep it very cheap and possibly learn something. I’ve learnt something, but I don’t think I’ve managed the other goal.

My basic setup looks like this:

  • FC: Matek F405-STD
  • Frame: Diatone Q450 quad (DJI F450 clone)
  • Motors: Racestar BR2312 960kV
  • Props: Gemfan 10x4.5, reamed to 8mm shaft diameter
  • ESC: Racestar REV35 4-in1 BLHeli_S (not a great choice if you planned to use self-tightening props)
  • Battery: Turnigy 3S 3000mAh (too small, will be upgraded to 5000)
  • RX: Flysky X6B with RSSI firmware update
  • Telemtry: Wemos D1 mini Pro running MAVESPLINK
  • GPS: Beitan BN-880
  • Gimbal: Storm32 v1.31 3-axis (HAKRC), with a GoPro clone.

I’ve got a wiring diagram, too, but this discuss system does not allow me to attach it, even if the size is less than the maximum stated 4.5MB. If you need that, let me know.

I upgraded from v4.0.3 to v4.04-rc2 and then the BRD_ALT_CONFIG became available. It helps to read the manual properly.

Hey thanks. Same goal as mine and like you i don’t think it will be the case. I would be interested in your wiring diagram as I have yet to start plugging the bits together. My email is Regards