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Matek 405 build advice

(Rusty Marmot) #1

I managed to get a standard Matek 405 FC pretty cheap so thought I would build a small quad with some bits I have leftover from crashed quads. I’m going to use a Matek PDB XT60 that has a BEC 12v and 5v.

The FC loaded firmware 3.7.0 without a hitch so I would like to add a current and voltage sensor to the setup.
Q1/ Suggestions for which sensor to use and
Q2/ How to wire and set up.
Q3/ I could work it out by trial and error but does any know in advance which signal pad number matches which motor number.


(...) #2

Theres lots of info in the docs:

See here for a few power module options:

How much current do you expect to draw? if its is <60A continuous, <90A burst, you can use the classic 3DR design power module:
They are available pretty much anywhere and a pretty cheap. Search for “3DR power module”

If you expect to draw more than that, then I recommend a Mauch Power module:

See the above links for wiring.

Here is a link that describes configuration through mission planner:

(Rusty Marmot) #3

Thanks for that. I really appreciate the input. Do you know how to wire up one of these power sensor modules to a Matek 405 Flight Controller ?